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Thursday, August 26, 2010


About six months ago, I read an article that linked to a Baby-Sitters Club blog. I was an avid reader as a child, and the BSC were some of my favorites. I devoured that blog, then discovered more devoted to BSC, Sweet Valley, Fear Street, and YA lit in general.

I read so much that I wanted my own blog. I thought about BSC and Sweet Valley, but those have been covered at length by women wittier than I am, and I wasn't sure what I could add to that. So I turned to nostalgic TV, which I haven't read as many blogs about.

I remember parking my ass in front of the TV every Friday night for TGIF. I loved the whole lineup- Step by Step, Family Matters, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and the extremely underrated, so-short-I-thought-I-might-have-hallucinated-it-because-no-one-else-remembers-it Teen Angel.

And....Boy Meets World.

Boy Meets World debuted in 1993. The central characters were in 6th grade. I was in 3rd grade in 1993 and I thought they were so cool. I loved those kids. Then I grew up, and realized there were parties and boys and the mall and other things to occupy my Friday nights.

Now it's 2010. I turn 25 in three days and ABC family has started showing Boy Meets World in the morning. I DVR them, even though I have the entire series on my computer already. Ergo, this will be my blog. We'll talk about the ridiculous inconsistencies with the character's families and personalities, and say proper goodbye to those characters that just dropped off the earth.

Oh, and we're going in order.

Join me!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I always liked Boy Meets World as a kid. Hope you like blogging!

  2. Oh hell yes. You're going right on my blogroll.

    I have this weird fascination with BMW. I'm a little older than you, so when BMW was on the first time through, it wasn't really on my radar. Then in 2006 I was on maternity leave from my job and it was on FOUR times a day - twice on ABC Family and twice on Disney. I kind of became obsessed. Oh man. As the later seasons start, please please go into the incredible gay subtext between Cory and Shawn. It's so obvious to an adult watching the show, but I can see how kids overlooked it. Also, because I was obsessed with the gay subtext, I found a crap-load of great Cory/Shawn fanfiction. And I can point you in the direction if you're interested in things like that.

  3. Sadako and Nikki?! I'm having a little bit of a starstruck moment. Yes, I'm that easy to please.

    Nikki I think the gay stuff starts as early as high school. I think there's an episode where Cory gets Topanga flowers and gives them to a random football player for some reason, then he gets mad when they aren't for him. Something along those lines.

  4. You didn't imagine it - I LOVED Teen Angel! Everyone looks at me like I'm crazy when I mention it, though. Thank you for giving me validation. =)