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Monday, August 30, 2010

"you touch me with that knife, you'd better kill me the first time" aka pilot episode

As pilots go, this wasn't terrible. We get a rundown of our main characters, a bit of plot, and a few laughs.

Cory is 11 and in the 6th grade. You can tell this is the super early days because all the characters are fairly one dimensional. Cory and Shawn are the model of pre-pubescent smartassery. Eric is only into girls. Morgan is...bothersome. She really annoys me in the first few episodes. She looks at the camera a lot and fiddles with her clothes and toys when she's not the main focus of a scene.

Anyway, Cory is in trouble for listening to the Phillies game during a class discussion of Romeo and Juliet. Mr. Feeny gives Cory detention on the day he's supposed to see the Phillies game with Eric. Armed with that bad news, Cory goes home to find that Eric has invited a date to the game instead. As this is the epitome of unfairness to an 11 year old, Cory complains to Mom and Dad, only to be shut down. Eric bought the tickets and has liked this girl forever, and the Matthews parents are mad about the detention.

Cory gets pretty upset and "moves" into the treehouse. That night, he spies Mr. Feeny setting a fancy table with two spots for dinner. He gets a distressing phone call and makes a few hand gestures. Cory watches as a dejected Mr. Feeny takes a place setting away and helps himself to a lonely dinner.

In detention, Cory tried everything from being a nuciense to tap dancing to get out early but gives up and tells Feeny what he's thinking - Romeo and Juliet is dumb because love is dumb. Love took away his brother and made him move out, and Cory knows Mr. Feeny agrees because he saw him get sad over his missed dinner date. Mr. Feeny starts the series strong, and ultimately takes Cory down a peg, leaving him literally speechless.

At home later, Cory moves back in and consoles Eric after he had a bad date. Cory encourages Eric to try again because of the talk with Mr. Feeny. He slips downstairs to have a tea party with Morgan, and all is well.


*The other boy in Cory and Shawn's group is Squints from The Sandlot, sans glasses

*During Cory's move to the treehouse, he sneaks back into the house to get some clean clothes. His mom holds him up with the Nintendo Duck Hunt gun. I miss those.

*At the tea party Morgan has, Cory is wearing a large pink tee shirt and yellow, pink, and green plaid short shorts. That's...interesting.

*It turns out that Mr. Feeny's canceled dinner "date" was with his sister. That's nice and all, but the table was set with candles, fine china, fabric napkins, and flowers. That's pretty romantic for family.

Girl Tally
Eric -1
Shawn- 0
Cory - 0

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  1. Wasn't yea-yea from the sandlot also in BMW?... hhmm..