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Monday, November 1, 2010


I really, really didn't want to do one of those "I'm terrible at updating my blog" posts so soon, but it's true. Turns out I'm fairly terrible at updating my blog. I hope everyone had a happy halloween. Quick anecdote-

I wanted to be a peacock, so I bought a blue dress for $7.50 at H&M. I went to get tail feathers and it turns out peacock feathers are absurdly expensive. My boyfriend convinced me to buy a bag of cheap craft feathers and glue them all over my dress and just be a bird. Upon applying said feathers, I realized there is just no bird in the world with hot pink, orange, zebra, and swirled blue and brown feathers, so I threw some yellow felt and black stripes on the back and made a stinger and went as the birds and the bees. It was a nice save.

Anyway, between that, Nano, and a few personal issues, I've been remiss in my BMW duties. Rest assured, there will be posts soon- probably when I go crazy from too much nano.

Until then, enjoy this BMW quiz. It's pretty hard- I got 5/10


  1. Do you mean 5/10? There were ten questions. I got 3/10. Wow. That WAS insane. I came close to getting the bride one right just by chance (I guessed Jenny) and I was proud that I knew that Candace Cameron played Millie the witch...but I got a LOT wrong. Yikes. Gotta bone up on my BMW!

  2. yes. 5/10. I'm going to edit that.

    I thought Candace Cameron was Molly the witch :(

    I did get her apartment number. All the hot girls lived in 3B. So did Rachel. Maybe she was a witch. She was uncannily tall.

  3. I forgot about 3B and the hot girls. Though I was so irrationally jealous of Rachel. Little Sadako seriously crushed on both Jack and Eric. Hard!

  4. Good luck on Nano! Feel free to buddy me, I'm nikkihb. And I'll probably need lots of encouragement :)

    I also only scored 4/10 and most of those were guesses. That was really difficult.