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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Santa's Little Helper

I didn't get it in time for Christmas, but in the post Christmas/pre New Years slump, enjoy this holiday episode recap...
Feeny is reading A Christmas Carol to the class while Shawn and Cory goof off in the back. They even ask when the Grinch shows up. Feeny tells Topanga and Cory to switch places, and the two boys get all indignant, and Feeny asks if the boys really got the point of the story. They totes don't. This is important later.
At lunch, Cory and Shawn talk about all the presents that are piling up under the tree. Cory says he's getting a real NBA quality basketball for his big gift, and he's been saving for the whole month for buy a $5 basketball net. Shawn is eating a home-packed lunch instead of buying the delish and nutrish fish stick meal Cory is consuming, and he says that the sports store has pretty much moved into his house. Minkus comes over to remind Shawn he needs to pony up $5 for Feeny's gift from the class, and Shawn says he'll give it to him tomorrow because he just spent his last five spot on lunch. Uh-oh. Cory is kind of oblivious and keeps on talking about all his gifts and how he can tell which ones are good and which ones are wool. He particularly hates wool. Topanga overhears and says Christmas isn't about gifts, it's about appreciating friends and family and celebrating the winter solstice.
After school, Amy takes Morgan to the mall to see Santa. When they get home, Alan asks how it went and Morgan runs upstairs crying and locks herself in the bathroom. Amy explains that as soon as Morgan sat on Santa's lap, he "grabbed his chest, yelled 'Rudolph', and fell over" and now Morgan thinks she killed Santa, even though he'll be ok. Amy and Alan think it's kind of funny and clue Eric in so he can help coax her out of the bathroom.
Cory runs in and starts shaking boxes to see what's new. He's got three new gifts but he tells Alan he's going to call Shawn and say he has five new boxes. Alan tells him maybe he shouldn't exaggerate that much because Shawn's dad lost his job and Shawn won't be having a great Christmas this year. Cory asks if he can give Shawn one of his gifts and Alan says that would be really nice of him.
Amy and Eric bribe Morgan out of the bathroom with a flannel shirt, sunglasses, and necklaces. She says she was also scared of the mean, vaguely mobstery elf, and Alan says she won't have to worry about him anymore. The doorbell rings. Who could it be besides the aforementioned elf? Back to the bathroom for Morgan. He returns Amy's money, and Alan asks why he was so mean to his daughter. While smoking a cigar -seriously- mobby elf tells him that as soon as Morgan sat with Santa "Badda bing, badda boom- heart attack!" Alan just closes the door in his face. Man I love Alan.
Shawn comes over and Cory gives him the basketball. Shawn asks what he's doing and Cory says he knows about Shawn's dad and wants him to have a good Christmas. Shawn says he doesn't want the charity and the two boys fight. Feeny overhears and Shawn runs off. Cory tries to garner sympathy from Feeny, but he tells him that giving gifts just to get thanks is as bad as throwing gifts back in people's faces. Christmas is a time to appreciate the real gifts in life like friendship and love of family. Awwww. Thanks, Feeny.
The next day, Shawn doesn't sit with Cory at lunch. Minkus comes in and tells Shawn he's buying the gift and he needs the $5 right now or he won't put his name on the card and everyone will think he's a deadbeat. Shawn just says that's the way it is then, and leaves in a huff. Cory calls Minkus over and gives him the $5 he was saving for his basketball net, and tells Minkus that he owed Shawn the money, and Shawn's not a deadbeat and his name should go on the card too. When Minkus gives Feeny the gift, Feeny reads the names on the card and Shawn is really surprised his name is on it. He thought Minkus just did it to be nice and thanks him after class, but Minkus tells Shawn Cory gave him the money. Shawn can't believe Cory gave the money for his net away.
He comes over to the Matthews' later and says that he found and old net while he was cleaning his garage and gives it to Cory. He asks if they can be friends again and they play each other for the ball. It's lovely.
Feeny ends up dressing up like Santa and coming over to tell Morgan she didn't do anything wrong, but she calls him out and asks Amy why Santa looks like the Feen.
*Eventually the reading of A Christmas Carol moves to the Matthews' living room, but it's nice that they kept that in every year.
*The shirt Eric bribes Morgan out of the bathroom with is reversible pink and purple flannel. I bet he wore it tucked into khaki's. Sooooo 90's.
*That elf is ridiculous. Seriously.
*Minkus tells Cory that Shawn's name will be last on the card since he was last to pay. That seems really unnecessary. Why not just do it alphabetically? Of course, Minkus is first on the list.
*If you're wondering, Feeny gets a dictionary.
*Shawn found a basketball net cleaning out his garage? Isn't one of the cornerstones of the "Shawn is poor" storyline throughout the ENTIRE show that Shawn lives in a trailer? They couldn't have said cleaning out my room or cleaning out my house?
*Feeny is the worst Santa in the world. Shouldn't he be more comfortable around children? He's really uncomfortable in the episode coming up where he babysits Morgan, too.


  1. Sorry the spacing is whackado. I edited twice. Oh well.

  2. God. I don't remember Minkus being such a dick.

  3. I think they moved him to the trailer park later. And got rid of his sister. (We never saw her but he mentioned her once.) Between that and Shawn's two half brothers and disappearing mom, they really played fast and loose with his home life.