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Monday, September 20, 2010

look to your right and click

I don't think you guys know much about me, because I don't think anyone I know in real life reads this blog. I told my parents I was writing it and they rolled their eyes because they were subjected to enough Boy Meets World when it was actually on TV.

I work in advertising. A big part of my job is statistics of markets in the Baltimore Metro area. You'd think by this point I'd find statistics boring, but it's pretty much the most interesting part of my job. The point is, on my bloggy homepage I get statistics of who's looking at what and when. (Shout out to Japan, by the way. You guys love you some BMW.)

Now that we're a quarter way through the first season, I want to see if the stats match up with your actual preferences. You'll notice a poll to the right of this post. If you'd kindly click on your favorite episode, I'll file that away for my awesome statistical roundup when we're done season one. I promise it'll be a lot more interesting than that sentence leads you to believe. Be on the lookout for new polls as we get to the 1/2 and 3/4 marks.

New recap Tuesday!

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