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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"sometimes a man doesn't know himself until he's walked a mile in another man's humungous pants" aka Killer Bees

There's no Topanga in this episode, which is kind if a letdown after all the smooching last time. However, it's Minkus heavy, so that almost makes up for it. Minkus has just aced another geography test, and Feeny announces he's entering Minkus in the state Geography Bee. No one cares until Feeny tells everyone the prize- the winner will be bat boy/girl in the opening game of the World Series. Once Cory hears that, he decides he needs to get into the bee.

At home, Eric has gotten tickets to the Aerosmith show. When he tells Amy, she mentions she and Alan are also going to the show. Eric freaks out and says that this is his first concert and a big night for him and Heather. Amy says she's liked Aerosmith for a long time and she's sorry, but they're going to the concert whether Eric likes it or not. Eric leaves and says he'll just get tickets for a more current act, like Eric Clapton.

Shawn, Cory, and Ellis bring Minkus back to Cory's house and convince him that if he doesn't do the bee they'll be a little nicer to him. He tells Mr. Feeny that he's dropping out of the bee and Cory begs to take his place. Feeny is reluctant because he knows Cory only wants the prize, but Cory convinces him that he's actually eager to learn.

Cory gets into learning geography- there's little factoids all throughout the episode. Feeny doesn't say it, but he's pretty impressed with how much dedication Cory is putting into it. However, the bee turns out to be pretty intense. Cory knows nothing and ends up losing.

Eric goes to the concert and has a terrible time because Alan and Amy have better seats, backstage passes, and an all-around better time. After everyone gets home, Alan gives Eric a speech about how he needs to chill out and learn to appreciate that his parents have lives and are comfortable with themselves.

Cory is pretty upset about losing the bee, especially when he figures out Minkus probably would have won it. He ends up getting an A on his geography test, and Mr. Feeny calls him a winner anyway.


*At one point, Cory wears baggy jeans, an oversized yellow sweatshirt, and an even bigger blue shirt over that. His clothes are almost comically oversized.

*Heather's last name is Ralston, and she's played by Nikki Cox. Nikki Cox is super hot. Good pull, Eric.

*Amy tells Eric she and Alan went to see Aerosmith while she was preggers and says "we were there, you were here" and points to her belly. Morgan incredulously asks Amy if she ate Eric. You'd think with all the sexytime in that house, Alan and Amy would have explained the whole deal to Morgan by now.

*Speaking of which, at one point Amy physically carries Morgan up to bed. Isn't she like six? I'm not a mom, but that seems old to still be being carried.

* Geography facts in this episode
- The highest and lowest points in the continental United States are only 50 miles apart.
- Hawaii used to be called the Sandwich Islands, named for the Earl of Sandwich, the inventor of the sandwich (this is a really nice convo between Cory and Mr. Feeny. Feeny leads Cory on the whole time, letting him think Cory is teaching him something)
- The indigenous people of Tierra Del Fuego are the Yagans.
- The Tuamotu Islands are owned by France, and their major export is copra

* Copra is the dried meat of a coconut. Thanks, Wikipedia.

*The other "current" musical acts Eric says he should go to instead of Aerosmith? Elton John, Led Zeppelin, and Tina Turner.

*When Minkus does the cool guy thing, he wears a backwards Phillies hat. I knew other kids had them.

*After Mr. Feeny hangs Cory's test up, the audience starts clapping, and you can audibly hear someone yell "All right! Whooo!!" It's like that SBTB episode at Malibu Sands when Zack tells off Stacy and the rest of the audience claps like they're supposed to but one dude yells "Busted!"


  1. Seriously, I didn't remember that Nikki Cox played Heather. Imagine the beautiful children Will Friedle and Nikki Cox would make.

  2. "It's like that SBTB episode at Malibu Sands when Zack tells off Stacy and the rest of the audience claps like they're supposed to but one dude yells "Busted!""

    Hehe.. I still laugh when I watch that part. The guy who yells it sounds like such a stoner, too.

  3. LOVE the SBTB "Busted!" I haven't thought about that in forever. It always cracked me up.