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Monday, September 13, 2010

"these kids make Minkus look like Fabio!" aka Boys II Mensa

Cory is clowning around (literally, he's got the nose) with Shawn while Feeny hands back some tests. Cory gets a C and Minkus gets an A. Cory complains that just because Minkus is smart, Feeny likes him better and lets him get away with everything. Cory gets detention for the nose and for mouthing off.

After detention, he and Shawn find crumpled up test answers in a trashcan. They both get pretty pumped, but it turns out the answers are for a standardized IQ test. Shawn throws them back, but Cory grabs them. Shawn wants to know why Cory would cheat on a test that isn't even for a grade, but Cory wants to be treated the same way as Minkus.

At home, Eric takes Morgan Halloween shopping and "she" ends up choosing a gory zombie costume instead of a princess. Amy is kind of upset, but Alan totally approves. Cory has brought home a note from Feeny about the test and starts flipping out. He decides he'll try to prove to everyone that he actually is a genius and has just been hiding it all these years. It doesn't really work, and both Feeny and the Matthews drop hints that they know what's up.

At school the next day, Feeny pulls Cory aside and tells him he'll be going to a new school for gifted kids. There's no sports or recess, they just study. Cory says he wants to stay, and Feeny gives him a chance to come clean, which doesn't happen.

Cory calls Shawn over to yell at him for letting it go this far. Someone from the genius school is coming over to test him and then he's going to be carted away. Shawn not-so-gently points out that Cory is not actually a genius and likely won't pass the test no matter how hard he tries.

The woman comes and is really snooty and terrible. She insinuates Alan and Amy are stupid for being a grocer and a stay at home mom, and insults Morgan. After Cory finishes the test and his score is only average, she accuses him of cheating. He comes clean, but she thinks Cory's cheated on this test so he doesn't have to switch schools. She won't listen when he tells her he cheated on the initial test. She finally gets it, and leaves. Cory is grounded for two weeks, but can still celebrate Halloween.


*Shawn's voice breaks a ton in this episode. Ah, puberty.

*Still no Topanga. I miss her.

*As punishment for wearing the clown nose, Feeny makes Cory wear it all morning long in class. Ha! Good call, Feeny.

*Minkus penned a haiku on the test he got an A on. He recites it for the class, and the kid behid him pulls the weirdest faces. He looks both terrified and disgusted.

*One of the things Cory does to convince his parents he's a genius is conduct a symphony with a giant Phillie's foam finger. It's kind if a hilarious scene; he gets really into it.

*During the scene with the admissions woman, it's pretty obvious Ben Savage is holding back a big laugh. I'm not sure why, because it's not that funny of a scene, but I guess something was going on behind the scenes.

*The woman tests Morgan to see if she's as smart as Cory. She gives Morgan the following analogy: Maple is to Elm as Daisy is to.... Morgan's answer is booger. That's about as good as I could do, kid.


  1. What's Amy's problem with the costume?

  2. She was mad because she wanted Morgan to pick her own costume and Eric picked for her by convincing her that zombies were cooler than princesses.

  3. If this were today, it would be zombie princesses!

    I miss old Morgan. New Morgan was so bratty.